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Beta Released (15.1.52)

Beta Release 15.1.52 is now available. Please see the note about dark mode in the link below


Change Log


Just upgraded to 15.1.52 from 15.1.41 and my View->Styles is missing. I've reset just about every menu (View->Customize Menus->Reset), but it's still AWOL. I do see the new Force Exit though, which looks like fun...

Thoughts? I'm probably missing something basic. And it's Monday...


Dark Mode setter was moved to Options -> Color Styles, and it sports a fancy new preview window.

Force exit is nice. Close Toad without all the annoying prompts.

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...and it's right there in the Change Log. :grimacing:

I was looking at the original part of the Change Log post instead of the update. I've rectified the situation with more caffeine.

Thanks John!

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