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Active Directory Password Authentication

Is it possible to authenticate using Active Directory Password Authentication in Toad for SQL Server 6.8? In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio there’s an option for this, but in Toad for SQL Server there’s only “Windows Authentication” and “SQL Server Authentication”. My Login name is my email address, e.g., When I login with SQL Server Authentication in Toad, it fails with the error message “Cannot open server “” requested by the login. The login failed.”

Thanks in advance

Hi Lukhon,

Active Directory Password Authentication was not support in this version of Toad.

and we are working on this feature, we will try to support it in next version fo Toad.



Hi Michael,
I also need this method of authentication. I see it is not offered. What workaround is available from Toad/Quest if there is no flexibility to change the method on SQL Server?
Thank you

there are four connection methods available in Toad for SQL Server 7.2:

I need to know how to change the Domain for the windows authentication.
It automatically picks up the domain\login from the network login. but all our DB's are accessed through a different domain shared group through AD. I can not change the domain.
I am on a trial licence if that makes a difference.

Hi Shelley, what happens when you enter "domain\login" manually?