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Add a drop down to navigate between containers (PDBs)

Now that containers are becoming the standard, it would be great to provide a streamlined way to navigate between the different PDB's in a CDB.  

There has been a drop down for years to set the "current schema", effectively doing a "alter session set current schema=SCHEMA1" whenever the option is chosen.  This works in the editor and the schema browser, and is an option in activities like "schema compare".

A similar drop down to select the active PDB would be awesome, avoiding the need to manually type in "alter session set container=PDB1" or create a new connection (TNS entry or direct connection) for every single PDB (editor window etc).

The PDB selection would be very useful in a lot of places, for example

the editor

the schema browser

the session browser.

schema compares.

The PDB connection should default to the currently connected user - eg, the common user (c##user) or to a different user that is editable/saved for each PDB.