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Add current schema in window captions


just an idea to add current schema in window captions so it will help to choose which window i want to go instead of looping on multiple windows to find my required one.


Try this for window captions:

and this for window toolbar buttons

I mean to show this current schema in each window, because you may have same connection but each window has different current schema

It's not exactly the same, but you might want to try this:

In any window with a schema dropdown:
Browse to a different schema.
Right-click in schema dropdown.
Choose "Set _____ as default schema".
Now, all schema dropdowns on that connection will default to whatever schema you set.


But this will not give me the session current user for each window in the title -as each window has its own session even in the same connection (threads mode)-
but if this feature can be added it will be great .


Each window does not have its own session. Almost all window on the same connection share the same session.

When the threaded query option is enabled, only Editor and Schema Browser Data tabs are affected.

If there another window in particular that you were thinking of that you'd like to see a "current schema" dropdown, one where the regular schema dropdown is insufficient? I still don't grasp why having a current schema dropdown would be helpful in other windows, but maybe I am missing something.