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Add an option to create grants and synonyms on the target schema/table for copied tables

Enhancement request:

In the Schema Browser, right click on a table, under the Data -> Copy to another schema option.

Add a couple of options, under the "Before Copy" area that says something like "Create grants" and "Create synonyms" (two options).

Therefore, you would have six options:

  1. Create destination tables if needed
  2. Create Grants
  3. Create Synonyms
  4. Truncate destination tables
  5. Disable Triggers
  6. Disable Constraints

In development shops there are typically multiple database instances (DEV & PROD). I consult in the Life Science sector. In this sector there are typically three environments (DEV, TEST/VAL & PROD). This enhancement would make it easier to promote tables, along with their grants and synonyms, from DEV to TEST to PROD. If the proper structures aren't in place on the target environment, the creation attempts would simply fail and get reported just as other copy/create failures are reported

Seems like a reasonable request. I'll log it.

Thanks John. Please let me know if you need additional information.

In the meantime, you could use single object compare to sync up the synonyms and grants.

From Schema Browser, right-click the table (or tables), then choose "Compare".

If you only selected one table, you'll get Single Object Compare. If you selected multiple tables, you'll get Schema Compare, and it will be automatically filtered to the selected tables. You could see that in Options -> Filters, like below. You may have to go to Object Types to check synonyms and grants.

Thanks John, I’ll check it out!