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Copy Private Synonyms during User Clone/Copy

Our staff responsible for provisioning accounts in the database uses TOAD’s Copy/Clone User context menu of an existing user to serve as a template for a new one. Generally speaking, this works well. However, this feature does not appear to copy synonyms. Is there a simple way to clone private synonyms of a particular user account to another?

Yeah that seems to be missing from the clone/copy user. I’ll take a look at it.

In the meantime, your best bet is probably to go to the Schema Browser, Synonyms tab. Switch to the user that you are copying and set the filter to “Private” and “Current Schema Only”. Then do a “Select all” on the list of synonyms and click the “Create Script” button on top.

You can extract the synonyms without the schema name, then connect as the new user to run the script, or if you have the “Include Schema Name” option checked in the script, then you’ll have to do a search and replace to change it from one schema to the other.

Private synonyms will be included in the copy/clone feature in the next beta. I also added an option to include them in SB-Users-RHS-Script tab.