Add db object after model is created


I am pretty new to Toad Data Modeler tool so this might an easy question to answer and I hope it is.

Does anyone know how to add a database object after your model is created?

When I first create my model I pick all the tables, sprocs, views, etc and it populates them in my model. But I want to add a table after the fact is that something easy to do? I can’t figure out how to do it. I know how to manual add a table, but i want to grab the DDL from the database and have the data modeler populate the table for me.

Toad Data Modeler Version:

Using DB2 for z/OS

Any help would be greatly appreciated. So far I like the tool compared to MS Visio.

Thank you,


I have just figured this out I think. Thanks anyway!

Hi Robert,

Glad to hear you got what you needed. Did you use the Object Explorer in the Reverse Engineering section? That would have been my recommendation for doing what you are looking for.

Let us know if you need more assistance!



Hello Kevin,

I think I tried that before and it was creating a new model rather than put the objects into my current model.

This time I found a way to sync via this option: Model --> Update Model from database.

I think that will work for me. I need to dig around more with it.

Thanks for the suggestion!