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Sync Models with Database in two directions

Dear all,

I have downloaded a trial version of Toad DataModel to verify the feature of direct creation/update to objects in Oracle Database.

When I created a new model (Some tables with Normal relations), I’m not able to find the section which enables me to create the tables to Oracle DB.

Unfortunately , the discussion I found is only for reverse engineering and not how to create fresh model and reflected back to Oracle Db without any script generation.

This feature is important for our company cause it will decide if we will purchase this product.

I’m using Oracle 11gR2

Anyone can help or guide?

Thank you

Hello imad1306,

Toad Data Modeler can not create table in database. It has on output “Create Script”. This script need be run in other tool. For Oracle Quest has Toad for Oracle tool. If you have Toad Data Modeler and Toad for Oracle on one computer, than Toad Data modeler can detect it and “Create Scripts” can be opened in this tool by default. Run this script in Toad for Oracle is very easy.