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Can I update PostgreSQL model objects from ddl scripts?

I am fairly new to Toad Data Modeler, and I am looking for a way to update model objects from DDL scripts. This is an existing model, so I don't want to create a new model from the script, such as, with the reverse engineering wizard.

For example, if I have a new table or changes to an existing table in a SQL file, can I import that SQL to modify the table in the TXP model? Same for functions, relationships. and sequences. I do not have direct access to the database.

Any help you could provide will be greatly appreciated. I haven't been able to find this in the User Guide.

Thank you.

Hi TomBubb,
open your model, go to main menu -> Model -> Update Model from Database...
It will open wizard and on page "Select Data Source"choose "DDL script RE".