Add execute option on right click?

Hello is there any way you can add the execute query when you right click on the SQL pane? I used SSMS for years and I keep right clicking to execute the query. If it could be added that would be great.

I don't think there's a way to do this without Quest Dev enhancing the product to introduce it.

However, what might be even better/quicker is to invoke your execution via shortcut keys:
F5 to execute Editor contents as a script
F9 to execute the query that your Editor cursor is camped on

I've programmed my Logitech mouse's custom buttons for F5 and F9.

Hello everyone and big thanks for the contribution on this matter,

We have identified this enhancement under the TSS-2164 backlog item within our Toad For SQL Server project pond. We consider this enhancement request to be shipped in our future releases, most preferably within our next public Toad for SQL Server 8.1 release.

Stay tuned for more!