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Add Login Record - TNS Database dropdown blank

We are using Toad for Oracle Our TNS Names are setup correctly, however when going to add a login record the TNS Database dropdown is blank. This makes it hard to easily find a database name. To make this a little more interesting, on the main screen for listing all my connections, the TNS Database dropdown does correctly show all the database names. And once I select that dropdown, if I go into the Add Login Record screen, the TNS Database dropdown now has values. So I have a workaround to enable this, but this seems like a really odd way for this to behave. Is there any kind of patch or something that resolves this behavior?

I saw some problems in a situations when you add an entry (tnsnames) while toad is runing.
Then restart of Toad solved the problem.
If this is not your case then please explain where do you add data(some print screen)