Possible Bug in Login Manager

I just attempted to add a new Login in Toad by editing an existing login. As soon as I click on the TNS Database name to change it, the Login screen goes non-responsive and never returns as shown below:

The local tnsnames.ora files that get installed with our Oracle Clients use an IFILE entry to point to a centrally managed tnsnames.ora on a corp server as shown below:


The centrally managed file is almost 2 M and contains roughly 12K entries. I am not sure the recently introduced changes to the Login Manager were tested against that type setup. I just attempted the same thing in 15.1 and it also froze. It could be that our Corp file has exceeded some size limit or contains an entry that is causing issues with the Toad Login Manager. I was able to click on "Add Login Record" and create it with no issue from scratch manually entering the full Net Service Name (the dropdown did not populate when I stopped one char short). Is there any way to determine what is causing the freeze when reading from the tnsnames.ora file?

On a related note, I noticed if a custom color is selected for a Login, it appears with a white outline in Dark Mode as shown below:


Hi Michael,


I can reproduce the hang with 15,000 items in my tnsnames.ora and will fix this for 16.0. It's not related to includefile, just the sheer volume of entries.

I see the white outline too and will take care of it (after 16.0)


I made the change you suggested, and clicked in the TNS DB Name field, then went and did other things leaving Toad to churn. It did unfreeze after about 6 minutes.

Yeah, sorry about that. It'll be fast next beta.

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Should I undo the change to the Config file? (disabled checking for secure connection)

totally up to you. It has no impact on anything other than an icon displayed in the login window.