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Add "Original Order" Column on exported contents of Trace File Browser


Adding an enhancement idea on behalf of Damir Vadas, who posted his suggestion in the Community Forum:


When you export data from Trace analyzer to Excel, you have SEQ column which holds data of order of execution.

Unfortunately, this column starts from 1 for any indentation.

This makes problems when you sort data by any other column, to return order in normal way.

So I always invent new column "order" which is simple counter of rows, so this gives me an option to return to oreder of statemens as they were executed (original SEQ order).

Could you please add such a column in Excel export, so it will help us returning data to original order easily.




There is a “Sequence” and “Relative Sequence” column.

Relative Sequence is the order of the statements among their siblings. So first-level statements are numbered sequentially, and for each one of those, it starts again with 1 in the 2nd level nodes, etc.

The Sequence column is the absolute sequence for all statements, regardless of recursive depth. This column will appear to have skipped numbers if you don’t expand all of the nodes. You can sort by this column to get back to original sort order.