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Adding a constraint with Team Coding will modify the TABLE but will not create a new constraint in VCS


I am using Toad 12.9 with Team Coding. If I create a new constraint, the parent table will require a check out and the constraint object will get added to the .TBL file in source control, but the constraint will not be added to Team Coding and no new constraint will be added into the VCS (git in my case).

Is this behaving normally?

If a Team Coding change is made, it will search for objects to add into Team Coding and the new constraint will be added at the time, but will not be added into Git.

Does this seem like a bug?

Hello again,

I see exactly what you’re talking about and will log a bug for this. As a work-around, assuming you’re a TC Admin, you can open the TC admin window and then click OK. When this window closes, Toad checks for objects that are in the schema and not in TC and adds them if they were not found. Although, this won’t add them to the VCS, that will happen on the next checkout.

Thanks Brad - I appreciate the write-up on the bug and the team coding synch up advice. I’ll get used to running that from time to time to keep the team coding objects in-line.