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Team Coding with VCS Question

We are just implementing Team Coding with SVN as our VCS repository. We are starting this with a new project and a new Oracle Schema with the expectation that everything done will make it into Team Coding. I created several tables using the Wizard in Toad and some Views using the Wizard and all were immediately added to VCS and the Team Project once I hit OK from the Create Wizard. VCS went through a little thrash doing an initial check-in then a check-out which I understand. I then created a Materialized View with the Wizard and was surprised it acted differently. From the screen shot below you can see it was added to the TC tables in Oracle, but it was not added to the Team Project or to VCS.

Note in the right hand panel that the MV appears to have been added to Team Coding, but several key fields like Oracle User are empty.

I found I have to right click on the MV in the Schema Browser and select Team Coding / Check Out (I do not have an option to Check In or Add to VCS). A screen comes up verifying I want to checkout the MV and associated Table so I click OK. Then get a screen to add the Table to VCS followed by a screen asking to add the MV to VCS come up, I say OK to both. Then I get the following screen:


All I really wanted to do was add the objects to VCS and the Team Coding Team Project, so I then click Cancel. This leaves VCS in the following state (MV now exists and is checked in, associated table exists, but is checked out):


and the Team Project now shows the Table with a Checked Out status and does not show the MV at all.


If instead of hitting Cancel I had selected "Open Database Version" in the "Different Versions" window, Toad would then show both the MV and Associated Table checked out on both the VCS and Team Projects screen. At this point the MV Team Coding Object Details get fully populated.


Is there a reason MVs and their associated Tables are not correctly added to Team Coding/VCS upon creation via the "Create Materialized View" Wizard in Toad? Having to manually walk through this process to get them added to VCS is a bit painful.

One last anomaly I noticed was the Team Coding Data in the right hand panel for MVs all seem to mirror the Status, Timestamp, Oracle User, Revision, and Comment of the last MV I did the check out / check in for until I have done the check out / check in to get them to appear in the Team Project/VCS windows. I had created 6 MVs before looking into why they were not being added to VCS correctly.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for all that information! I was able to reproduce what you were experiencing and have logged it to be fixed. I'll see what I can do to get this fixed soon in one of the upcoming betas. I'll let you know when I have this fixed. In the meantime, thanks for catching this!


@jbowman - You guys are the best! I wish every software vendor was this responsive.

Hey Michael,

This issue should be fixed in the next available beta. Thanks for catching this!


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