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Advanced Context Menu

A little plug for a feature that went into Toad 12.12. Many areas throughout Toad now support advanced context menu for database objects much like Windows supports in Explorer. Hold Shift while right-clicking on an object and the first menu item will be a submenu surfacing most of the Schema Browser features. It works in many of the edit controls including Editor, Session Browser, Spool SQL, Script Output, etc. It’s also surfaced in the model area of the Query Builder, the Object Palette, and so on.


Not seeing this, Michael. Can you show a screen shot?

I have

Sorry, here's a screenshot. Here I held Shift while rt-clicking on sys.user_objects in a query. Note the top-most menu item contains the same context menu you find in the Schema Browser for views. This works in many places throughout Toad and for most (all?) of the object types.

Glad you’re pointing this out. There are other keyboard shortcuts that users should find useful too.

Like the Shift-Rt-Click you mention, another one is Control-Click on any reference to an object within the editor (and a few other places).

Ctl-Click will bring up a window panel representing the RHS tabs of the Schema Browser for that object.

Very handy if you want to quickly verify attributes of an object referenced in the script without having to go look for it again in the Schema Browser.