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Advanced filter

If I use the advanced filter to select records I want to work with, but also select which columns to view, it fails to post any changes. The error message says “Can’t update because data in a key column is not being fetched”. I’ve made sure that all primary key columns are included. It seems that editing in the grid only works if ALL columns are fetched. Anyone know if this is by design or if this is a problem with Toad 6.6 ?


Would you please check Key Columns setting in Define Custom Statements to Edit? If these Key Column include some columns you didn't select in grid, it may cause this error.

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I’ve checked this, and it includes the 3 columns that make up the primary key. These 3 columns are selected and are shown in the grid. No other unexpected columns appear.


Hi Alan,

I reproduced this problem. I create an issue TSS-1095 for this. I will keep update for this.

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So is there an answer to this issue? No response for over 6 months.