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Do not delete excluded columns

I have found a bug in toad for SQL Server 5.6.


  1. Create table with a blob column
  2. Insert into table (with some blob)
  3. Select * from table
  4. By default blob will be excluded in grid
  5. Make Grid editable and update some value
  6. Save changes

Blob will be set to null.
Excluded columns in grid should not be updated.

The bug is probably fixed in 5.7 thanks to:

“When updating data in the Data Grid the UPDATE statement is issued only for the columns affected. This operation is more time-saving and prevents the loss of partition keys in the converted databases.”

I will check it later.

Hello, Chris!
I see in TSS 5.7 that the issue is still actual.
I get the Error posting changes as on my image.

Did you get this error message?

Regards, Julia.

In 5.7 it works fine - excluded column is omitted from the update. In 5.6 it was always set to null.

(I have however found another bug - it is not possible to update row in a grid when table contains column with type “text”)

just double checked on my env and it seems working fine. Can you please send me DDL and DML scripts of this table so I can investigate?