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Alter Font for Columns Highlighted Based on Seq/Trigger

Is there a way to get the automated Seq/Trigger highlighted columns in the Data Grid to use the same font as the other data in the Data Grid? I set my Data to be displayed in the Consolas font so the Zeros have a slash and do not get confused with the letter O and in it a fixed width font so it is easier to visually see spaces in the data. Below is a sample screen shot where TRANSACTION_ID is auto highlighted as it is set by a Seq/Trigger pair.


I really like visually seeing the fields controlled by triggers highlighted, just wish I could get it to use the font I want.

Thanks in Advance...

There's no way to do that now, but I could add it.

That would be great. Is that something easy to add that could appear soon in a 13.3 Beta release or is it more likely to be a bigger change that will possibly appear in a Beta after Q1 2020? Just trying to set my expectations appropriately.

Thanks for you super quick response to my initial question and have a great holiday.

It would probably be early January at best, sorry.

That is super quick, I was just hoping you would not say June or later. :star_struck:

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I must have missed it if it was mentioned in Release Notes for one of the recent Betas, but great work on having the Auto Highlighting driven by special comments in the Insert Trigger intended for Sequence Driven columns to honor the user selected Data Grid Font. This is perfect. I plan to use this going forward to denote any column that users should never manually modify in a table:

This is awesome! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Thanks. Sorry I didn't mention it here....I put it on the beta annoucement instead:
Beta Released (