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View/Styles… vs. View/Toad Options…/DataGrids/Visual/Styles

If I select a style under "View/Styles", do the settings under "View/Toad Options…/DataGrids/Visual/Styles " no longer have any effect?

As it looks, this is currently the case. Should it stay like this?

The reason for the question is that I currently (15.0) have a FixedFont set for the DataGrids and NULL values are colored. I would like to keep this setting even if I select one of the new styles.

The data grid styles will be overridden by the overall Toad color scheme, if set to something besides "Windows"

Font size and styles are copied from whichever style you had in the "Windows" setting.
Alternating row colors is included too
In next beta, font name is also included (this will get the fixed font setting)
I think Null Color makes sense too.

It seems that in the 15.1 beta all grids are affected, whereas previously the styles only affected the datagrid.
I'm not sure I like this :wink:
E.g. in the grid to select a connection I find a FixedFont not so helpful.

Makes sense. I agree. Thanks for the feedback.