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Alter scripts for SQL Server


Are there any plans for generating Alter scripts for Microsoft SQL Server? I see you can do for Oracle but what about us SQL Servers users?




Yes, alter scripts for other databases will be added gradually.
We are about to determine which db should be the next. For this purpose, we will launch a quick survey in the community soon. All TDM3 users will have a chance to vote for alter script support for their db.

Note: Alter scripts for SQL Server db - this request has been entered under CR # 44 470.





Can anything be done using the scripting capabilities of TDM3?
It is very painful having to create Alter Scripts for SQL Server manually.


Hi cazini,

Can anything be done using the scripting capabilities of TDM3?
I’m afraid, nothing.
Our developers need to accomplish this task. However, our superiors need to consider this request first.

What I know and can do for this:

  • Support for alter scripts for sql server will not be implemented in next official release 3.2. Main priorities of this release are: optimization of the application code, scripting method, speed and memory consumption.

  • Alter scripts for SQL Server db - I’ve updated the severity of this request to ‘High’ to distinguish this request from others. Particularly for the reason that more and more users are raising this request.

(Just a note on the survey I wrote about in my previous reply. - It will probably be postponed.)

Thanks for your patience.




Hi Vladka,

Any updates on the possibility of adding this feature? Definitely need ALTER scripts for SQL Server here.




That’s been in the current beta for a while - please try the beta and provide feedback to our dev team


Will do! Thanks for the info.


Never mind. I just saw that 3.3.7 has the alter capability. I didn’t check the latest before posting. My bad…

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