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Alter Scripts option to create the temp tables in TDM for MS SQL 2012


I am using Toad Data Modeler version with MS SQL Server 2012. I have my databases created and they now have data in them. When I attempt to run the alter scripts for changes to the model, the scripts are created correctly but just DROP the tables and recreate them. This obviously is not usable for a production system. I checked the forums and the help files on how to turn on the option to create the temp tables, but both show how to do it in previous version of TDM. There is even a video in the Learn section on how to do it. I cannot get this option turned on because places/paths that are specified no longer exist.

Does anyone know where I need to go to turn this option on now?

Thank you


you can change the settings for all SQL Server models, not for SQL Server 2012 only.



I set the option on where suggested and it works PERFECTLY. Thank you very much.