How do I get an Alter script generation for two models for SQL ANYWHERE ?

Please help


generating change script for Sybase SQL Anywhere is not supported. See section “Supported Databases” in Toad Data Modeler help.

Regards Daril


I’m sorry but change script for Anywhere is unfortunately not available in TDM. However you can put your idea into the Idea Pond. We scan through it periodically and consider implementing upvoted ideas in the future versions of TDM.



AS SQL Anywhere can use Transact SQL I would have thought this was relatively a simple implementation, considering the differences can be generated. Is there any workarounds for this


Unfortunately It is time consuming feature.

We can say from our experiences, that it is not that simple.

For example: If you want change length of data type in column which is in primary key, than is not possible simply change data type (length). It must at first drop primary key and after change data type create again same primary key. If primary key have another dependencies (e.g. foreign key), than it is more complicated.


What I meant is that you already have it available for MS SQL that produces Transact SQL code , surely enabling this code whilst connected to a SQL anywhere driver . I’m going to try converting to MS SQL physical model then generating the script and see how that goes.


unfortunately MS SQL Server and SQL Anywhere are different database with many differences. It is not possible run code for change script from MS SQL to Anywhere.