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How to bulk add audting columns


I always have a set of audit columns (CreatedById, CreateDate, UpdatedById, UpdateDate) on all tables.

Is there a quick and easy way to add all of those to a model? I also want the option to ensure that the update_date is either a timestamp or a datetime column.

In Erwin I cut/paste them easily from one entity to another and set the update date as a templated column. Ditto for lookup codes, ID etc.





you can use drag and drop to copy attributes from one entity to another in TDM too, but I would like to recommend you to try the Gallery feature where you can store attributes and drag them from Gallery and drop to your entities.





I watched the movie and thank you, that is what I was looking for however I can’t find the gallery in TDM 3.6.

Is it a new feature in the 4.x beta?

Also is it possible to add the set of attributes to multiple tables at once? Maybe dragging attributes to the workspace would attach them to all visible tables or something.



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Gallery was in TDM version 2, but it was not possible to store there attributes, only entities. TDM version 3 was written from scratch and we wanted to bring new functionality to the gallery, that’s why it was not in available in earlier versions of TDM 3. The new Gallery is now available in the latest BETA version and will appear in TDM version 4.

If you need to work with commercial version, it is possible to write a macro that will add new attributes to selected entity.

This article shows how to create a macro for selected entities:

And you can find examples or macros and script in library. If you need my help, write me :slight_smile: