annoying field / function list windows

i’ve installed Toad 2.0 recently, and when using the editor, i have the annoying pop-up window listing functions/users appearing all the time.
I used to get the field list corresponding to a table, which i already found bad but could live with.
This has now disapeared since i installed 2.0, and has been replaced by the functions list.
When i alias a table as a, it may replaces it by abs, etc …
I spent an hour trying to find out how to turn them off, without any luck.

Any good soul who would know how to do this?


I’m not able to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing, but there are somethings you may want to check.

  1. Tools->Options->Editor->Auto-replace

Verify these settings for the appropriate database connection you’re working with. Could it be that a is being auto-replaced with abs?

  1. Tools->Options->Editor->Code Completion

You can disable the dot-lookups feature in the editor by unchecking “Auto list members”. In the case of table alias, this would prevent the list of columns from loading when you hit the period key after the alias.

Hopefully this helps.