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Editor - View Columns pop-up


In Editor, when I hover my mouse over a table, a ‘View Columns’ window pops up listing all field namess and data types for the table. This window prevents me from editing table name, and I would like to turn off this feature if possible. How do I do that?

Thanks a lot!


Yeah this became problematic for me as well, especially when I had multiple UNION’s and had to keep changing database name and it getting in the way.

To turn off, go to Tools, then Options, then Editor, then Tools, then on the bottom right it has a check on Show information pop-ups for Objects. Uncheck this and hit apply.

You’ll notice that this pop up information will discontinue.



Chad, thanks a lot for your response!

Somehow I am not finding this option in my menu. Perhaps, this is because I still have to upgrade to the latest version from

Are you using the latest and greatest?

I’m not able to find that check box either. Using version when I go to Tools, then Options, then Editor, then Tools, there is a box on the right for ‘View Object at Cursor’ w 2 radio buttons - ‘in document window’ or ‘in object details’. I can’t deselect. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


You need TDP 4.0.1 or 4.1 for this option

Thank you, Debbie!

Just did. And the setting is there.

Thanks Debbie!