Toad Oracle Crashing


I'm using Toad on Windows 10 Enterprise. I use table aliases (don't know id this is the exact term) in a query, the drop down of the column names are displayed. When I click on a column I get kicked out of TOAD. No error messages, nothing.

Is there a way to turn OFF the table alias function (where the list of table columns is displayed)?

What is causing this crash?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Marc,

You can turn it off in Toad Options -> Editor -> Code Assist.

Uncheck "Auto Invoke." If you ever want to invoke it manually, you can use CTRL+T.

I don't know why it is crashing for you. We have made a lot of bug fixes with Code Insight since version 13.1. If you are able to update to the latest version, that would probably solve the problem.


Thanks, I will try updating to Toad's latest version.