Any Space Managers in here?

Please discuss your experience with Space Manager - do you have it up and running ? Have you configured for automated tablespace alerts ? That's my goal, is it possible with Space Manager ?

Details are delightfully appreciated !

Hello Michael. I'm a Solutions Architect at Quest Software so am not running Space Manager in a production environment, but I can explain some Space Manager features. The email alerts that Space Manager can be configured to send using SMTP are with regard to reorg script execution like "not enough space to do reorg" or if a scheduled execution fails, etc. You can identify Reorg Need using the Explorer or Reports. To monitor your database performance including tablespace management, please check out Foglight for Databases that provides visibility across your heterogeneous database environment and is designed to identify and diagnose database performance issues with performance analytics and more. I'd be happy to work with you directly where we can cover Space Manager with LiveReorg and/or Foglight for Databases. You can reach me at Cheers!

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Thank you Susan, I will be in touch very soon !