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Quest Space Manager not found, on-demand tables not working


I am trying to use the Space Manager, but when I try to invoke it I get the message that the Quest Space Manager is not found.

I am connected to the database as sysdba, so should not be missing any privileges.

I have a TOAD schema, but it only contains a single table - TOAD_PLAN_TABLE.

The server side objects wizard does not appear to exist anymore, and on-demand object creation does not appear to be doing anything.

I am using Oracle and TOAD

Let me start with my usual harping - there is no reason to connect as sysdba when using Toad. There are like 3 or 4 minor areas where this is required - e.g. running the instance manager where you want to start/stop databases. Sysdba should only be used when you know for a fact from reading Oracle docs that task X such as start/stop database requires me to connect as sysdba. It’s not a silver bullet fix all my problems tool.

That said, let me try to answer your question. Quest Space Manager is a separate product which requires a license - it is not a toad feature. Toad does have a limited feature to show the history of tablespace data file space usage and IO statistics. You go to main menu -> database -> administer -> tablesapces. There will be two tabs near the end for the space usage history and IO stats. If you navigate to either of these tabs, toad will sense that the tables to support this feature are missing and ask if it’s OK to create them. That’s it.

Toad no longer offers either scripts or a database object creation wizard. Instead it now checks when you use a feature that requires an object, and if it’s missing it asks you. That makes it far easier for most people.

There was a bug in a recent version (it may have been 12.0, I don’t remember for sure) where it was difficult to get those objects to install. I just tried it and it worked OK for me, but if you can’t get them set up, send me an email (john.dorlon at software dot dell dot com) and I will send you the script to create them.