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TOAD Data Point and Netezza


Has anyone encountered issue with queries taht hang when runnign queries using an ODBC connection to Netezza. We are using the lastest driver that match Netezza.


Is this version 7.0 you are referring to?


This would be version 6 of Netezza. We will be upgrading to version 7 soon and hope that would address the locking up issue as we are losing development time and productivity.


We will be looking into this shortly. Can you pin down some common times it seems to lock -up?


We are starting to take a look at this under QAT-1249. I am not able to reproduce the locking here. Can you turn on ODBC logging and when the error occurs stop the logging and send back to me? This will be the only way we can get a bead on what is occurring.

From the ODBC connection window you can open up the ODBC manager. On the tracing tab set the log file path and then press the Start Tracing button.

Then start up Toad and produce the error. These files are very large so it will be best if they can produce the error and then shut the tracing down. Leaving it on all day will create a file so big we won’t be able to open it. But whatever way you can capture the error will be helpful.

I think there is more than one person with this issue, so if everyone who has has this issue could capture and send me this log.

ODBC Trace.png


I have tried the ODBC Trace using your steps am unable to create a trace log file. I have set the Log File path accordingly and am using the latest driver from IBM for Netezza with the nsqlodbc.dll. Should the Customer Trace DLL default?


I did hit the Start Trace Now button however the .log file being created is empty.


It is a sequencing issue. Close TDP, start ODBC trace and then restart TDP. The ODBC trace only starts on newly created connections. (If that doesn’t work try it the other way around)