"Ask Toad" is Coming Around Again- July 2

Gary Jerep here, Software Solutions Consultant for Quest. For all you developer types out there, just a reminder that there's another "Ask Toad" webcast coming up around the corner.

If you’re facing pressures (and who isn't, these days?) to code faster while still producing high-quality PL/SQL code that doesn’t break anything or slow down the database, please join me at our next Ask Toad webcast.

When? July 2 at 8 AM (11AM) PDT (EDT),

You’ll be hearing from me about the Top Five Use Cases for Developers for Toad for Oracle Base Edition.

In this 30-minute Ask Toad session, I'll be demonstrating five worthwhile use cases, and how the Base Edition of Toad for Oracle helps you:

  • Quickly find all object references and dependencies in their code
  • Guarantee that code is following the correct flows of control
  • Identify the most expensive lines in their code
  • See how program connections affect database performance
  • Automate tasks for greater efficiency and accuracy

The "Ask Toad" format allows us 15 minutes to show you useful Toad stuff, and reserve the second half of the session for your questions. Looking forward to helping you!

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