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Associative Entities

I am a good bit of the way through building a fairly large data model and just realized Toad has an M:N Relationship button that will automatically create the associative entity that resolves the many-to-many relationship. I have been manually placing entities and relationships on my workspace to do this. What I like about the M:N Relationship button is that the associative entity it creates has rounded corners, thus showing it is different than other entities. My question is this: is there an easy way for me to change my manually placed M:N / associative entities to have those rounded corners?

Hello DJBrown,

to the rounded corners (from our help):

An entity, connected with a parent entity through an identifying relationship, is called "dependent" entity and is shown in a model with rounded corners.

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I searched the help system for several different terms including “associative entities”, “rounded corners”, and “M:N relationships” but didn’t find that.

Thanks for the prompt response.