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Attribute "Valid Values" Tab doesn't appear

I am evaluating Toad Data Modeller, so I am modelling a small portion of our Enterprise Logical Model, which I plan to then convert to physical models for SQLServer and MySQL.

On a logical model, I’ve created several entities which have attributes that have a restricted list of values which I want to document. I’ve added these using the “enumerate” option of the valid values tab in the attribute dialogue. When I want to edit these values, in some cases the “valid values” tab is no longer appearing.

Can anyone help me on this? How can I retrieve this information?


I have been trying hard to make the Valid Values tab not appearing, but with no success.
The only idea I have is that you have created entities, added the attributes and set the Valid Values via Enumeration and then you changed the Data Type. Only Bigint, Character(%p1), Float(%p1), Integer and VarChar(%p1)support Valid Values. Therefore, maybe, you “lost” the tab with some attributes.
Or if it’s other way, please explain your workflow or send some screenshots.

Thank you very much.


Hi, Lukas,

When exploring your comments, I identified the problem. I am using character and varchar, but I am defining the datatype and size with a domain, rather than explicit datatype and precision.

Is that behaving as expected, or is it a bug?

Hi Dawn,

the behavior in your workflow is as expected, as it was implemented, though it, or you, may require us to provide Valid Values and Enumaration for the supported data types also under Domains. But as long as you are the first one here to come up with this and possibly make use of it, we can see we made a good decision when focused on much more useful and used features.