View and edit objects in a tabular view.

I need a feature that will allow me to view/edit the properties of attributes, entities, relationships in a tabular view. I need to edit the caption, name, data type, and comments.

This feature also allows me to find duplicates (or near match), validate data types, and make sure the comments match for matching objects. Fantastic for visually auditing and verifying the model.

PowerDesigner has the feature from menu Model\Columns. PowerDesigners has the options to filter and select which columns to view. This is a huge time saver when auditing the data model.

Does this exist in Toad Data Modeler?

Should it? Will it?

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Toad Data Modeler v5.0.5.31 (Trial)


this feature, as described, doesn’t exist in Toad Data Modeler. What you can do is to change captions and names in tabular view.

Choose Model Items


Press F2 to switch to edit mode.


This way you can change names of tables.

We plan to add Excel Export/Import features to next versions, the work is partially done.


I’m looking forward to the Excel export/import feature. I hope this is for tables, columns, and references/relationships. This is a critical feature in our environment where I need to review other data modeler’s work, merge, audit metadata, compare.

Two important scenarios…

Scenario 1:

Data modeler making changes to existing model (tables, columns, relationships). I need to validate the changes before merging.

Scenario 2:

Data modeler creating new model for a new data source with similar tables and columns of existing data sources. I need to assure the new tables, fields, references conform to naming standards, data dictionary, and definitions of similar fields are the same.

Using a spreadsheet to do my auditing should work.