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Auto-replace rules for SQL ODBC Connections?

I use the Auto-replace rules (Options>Editor>Auto-replace) quite extensively for SQL Server. My company is now transitioning to Snowflake which I have to connect to via ODBC. Unfortunately, there is no SQL ODBC section of the Auto-replace rules like there is for the Highlighting Styles. Is there a way to create auto-replace rules for SQL ODBC connections? Using Toad Data Point 5.3.

Welcome back to the community! In looking at the Auto-Replace, doesn't appear that TDP allows for a separate auto-replace manifest for ODBC sources. Will add this idea as a possible enhancement suggestion for consideration in future releases.

Until then, here's a possible work-around to consider. You can use the concept of a code snippet to define your "auto-replace"s. See snap below on how to create and name a snippet. Idea is that you type in the name of your snippet, and hit CTL-Space to replace what you typed to it's replacement.

Obviously, the replacement doesn't happen automatically, since you have to purpose-hit a keyboard shortcut. So if you're looking for automatic correction, this won't work well. But maybe you can still make use of it in the meantime.

Thanks for the thoughts. I also use code snippets. The main way that I use the auto-replace is auto capitalize certain keywords, insert common [db].[schema] combos, and to auto-fix common fat-finger typos.