Is there an import option somewhere for Auto-Replace items?

Is there an import option for the Options > Editor > Auto-replace items list?

Every time I reformat my computer, or want to deploy these auto-replace items to
a new employee’s computer (yes, I have many Toad licenses), I find myself
having to re-key these auto-replace items. And since they are
sql-version-specific I have to do it multiple times for each language.

Is there an import option I’m missing? If not, I’d like that as a
suggestion for this screen in addition to my previous suggestion of having a
“global” option like “SQL (Any Version)”.



C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 5.6\Templates\CodeTemplates

for files like this (this one for SQL Server 2008):


These auto-replace files you can copy to a different machine. Let me know it helped you.

Hi Darren,

Not sure there is an option to import auto-replace, however take a look at folder: