AutoConnect doesn't work on TOAD 13.2

I've just installed the new release 13.2 of TOAD for Oracle and migrated my user settings from 13.1. There I had 2 connections with "AutoConnect". The fields are activated in the connection window. But on startup I had to manually connect.
Is there a new option for 13.2? I can't find any other information.

I have a few installations of's working in 2 of them, failing in one. Trying to track it down.

I tried it out. It only works if I select one session for AutoConnect. With two there is a short info in the logging window and the connection window appears. The release is

Yeah I was just about to post the same thing.

The only thing I have to add is - if you have more than one set to autoconnect, you can multiselect them in the login window (you can group or sort by the autoconnect column to make this easier), then click "Connect" and both will connect.

The team has been brainstorming a bit and has come up with the following work-arounds so far, #2 has been mentioned above....

Workaround 1 for auto-connect problem:

  1. Make the connections you want for auto-connect in Toad
  2. Click "Save current workspace" button on main toolbar and name your workspaces
  3. Close Toad and relaunch.
  4. Once Toad opens, select your workspace from the "workspaces" dropdown on the main toolbar - all connections restored

Workaround 2 for auto-connect problem:

  1. Drag the "AutoConnect" column just above the login grid to group by this field
  2. Upon login, expand "Auto Connect" node, select all and connect

Workaround 3 for auto-connect problem:

Alter current desktop shortcut or create a copy then alter

  1. R-click on Toad desktop shortcut and select "properties"
  2. in the "Target" field, append connection strings at the end, eg:

"C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 13.2\Toad.exe" -c BBODDICKER/BBODDICKER@Azure_18c_Plug BBODDICKER/BBODDICKER@Azure_19c_Plug

  2a. If storing unmasked passwords in shortcut properties is a security concern, Toad can also connect with stored passwords.  Be sure "save passwords" is on and the connection(s) you wish to use for auto-connect have been previously made in Toad and are listed in the login window.  Connections with saved pw's can be made by specifying only the user@database, eg:

"C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle 13.2\Toad.exe" -c BBODDICKER@Azure_18c_Plug BBODDICKER@Azure_19c_Plug

  1. Connections will be made when launching Toad from this shortcut

I hope these are helpful. Please share any other workarounds we have not yet found

Update 12/9/2019: Fixed in Toad for Oracle 13.3 Beta

In the new version 13.3 it works with more then one autoconnections.


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