Automate creation of a "standard" entity

In our current database we have some similarity between all tables.
One of these is the column “ID” which is always also be the primary key.
Another key is the “CREATED_BY” which references the user that created the row.

There are more standard columns than these but I think they will summarize what I wish to accomplish.

I have managed to script the creation of the entity itself with the attributes I need. But what I haven’t been able to figure out is how to:

A) Modify the primary key of the entity to include the ID column.

B) Create a foreign key from “CREATED_BY” column to an “ID” column in say, an entity called users.

Those two questions are the constitutes the core of what I need now. But since I am on the subject, is there a way to maybe prompt the user when calling the script for what he wishes to name the new entity (popup box maybe?). Another possible option would be to maybe have a button/script that you can call on a specific entity to create the “default attributes” when you start editing it.

Suggestions on how to accomplish all this would be highly appreciated as it would save alot of time when we design new databases / addition to current databases.

/Best regards, Marcus

Hello Marcus,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, I have bad news. Neither A, nor B are possible to do via scripting in TDM. We’ve discussed it in our team, we’re afraid, at the moment we are not able to offer a solution to what you require.
We’re sorry.

Have a nice day.


Vladka + TDM Team