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Automatic Email Notifications

Looking for a way to send an automatic email when a particular field changes in one of my SQL tables. Really like TOAD and was hoping to achieve this using TOAD.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you.

This is a video on exception reporting using Toad Automation. It was made for Toad Data Point but the content still applies to Toad for SQL Server.

thank you, will review

Hello Debbie,

Thank you for the link. Similar to your example, I'm trying to create an automated report that will fire off an email when the status of an order changes. Unlike your example however I don't have a file for it to reference, I would need the task to constantly monitor my Sales Order table for changes made to the SO status. Much like triggers in SQL, but I was hoping to accomplish in TOAD.

Is this possible in TOAD

Thank you.

How big is the table? If it was small and you have a sand box (local instance or database owned by you) you would export the contents then compare the two tables in an automation script and be alerted when there were differences.

It's a large table but I could export and compare only the fields I am concerned with, additionally I could limit it to only the last 6 months of data as anything beyond that wouldn't be changing.

Would exploring triggers be a more appropriate approach?

Yes, triggers would be best as long as you had privileges to add them.