Automation Question: Automated Email Script with an excel attachment

I want to automate a script that will send out an excel file to each staff person all of the orders that their clients have processed in a month. Currently I build one script per staff person, based on a customized export template, which is based on a customized sql query, and schedule it. This is fine for a small department. But recently I’ve been asked to replicate this for a department that has over 100 people in it. There has to be an easier way.

What I would love to do is tell TOAD to loop through a query and for every staff person, select to an excel file and then email that file to the associated email address. Can this be done with Toad for DA. IF not, what is the appropriate application/tool to do this type of automation?

Thanks in advance

Sure. This is no problem. You can store the names and email addresses of the 100 employees in a database table or excel file. Using Automation variables you can loop through each name in the employee table, generate the report and email to them.

See my blog post of this topic.

After you read this post, if you have any issues let me know and I can help you out.