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Problem with Automation - Exception Report/Export Data and E-Mail sending more than one email


I’m diving into automation in Toad Data Point. I wanted to use Exception reporting to check for unclean data. If 0 rows are returned, no email is sent, however if 1 or more rows are returned, it exports the results to an HTML file and then embeds the HTML in the body of an email. When I use “Run” it works as expected and sends a single email to my distribution list. However, when I actually schedule the automation task, it runs at the scheduled time, sends an email, and then less than a minute later, I receive a second, identical email. Any ideas?

You probably quit Toad with Automation script open in it, don't you? Please go to Tools | Options | Desktops and make sure the open documents option IS NOT checked. This option says to save in our layout files the name of all the files that were open when last shut down. When you open TDP again they will be opened. In the case of scheduled tasks, these files are opened AND run.

Please let us know if this is the case.



That was it - thanks Igor!