Automatically displaying graphical relationships (i.e., foreign keys).


I created a workspace (the default “all Items” workspace). I tried to create a new workspace and reuse two existing tables that have a relationship between them (a foreign key between them). If I drag and drop (or choose) the two tables, the workspace doesn’t show me the graphical representation of the existing foreign key. I noticed that I have to go and bring the foreign key constraint in order for the diagram to present it graphically. Is there a way to bring two tables and make TDM identify instantaneously that there is a relationship between those preexisting tables so that it will show graphically the two tables and the foreign key relationship?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Alex,

There are several ways how to add shortctus of tables + relationship on another WS, e.g.:

  1. Select the objects on the All Items WS (including the relationship - use SHIFT).
  2. Right-click the selection and select Add Into Workspace.
  3. Select the WS where you want to add them.
    Note: If you selected Add Into New Workspace, a new WS would be created automatically.


  1. Right-click the newly created WS and select Add Selected Objects to Workspace.
  2. From the dialog, select the tables and relationships that you want to add. Tip: Select just the relationship and confirm. The tables that the relationship connects will be added to the WS automatically.

You can drag the selected tables from Model Explorer to the Workspace. To add the relationship to them, right-click the table on the WS and select Fill Parent and Child Objects (or Parent or Child).

I recommend you to watch the following flash movie on shortcuts of objects:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write me back. Thanks.