creating 'sub-domains' using workspaces

Hi, longtime user of CaseStudio, trying out data modeler first time.

I reversed engineered a large database, which went fine. However, to get better overview, i wanted to create a new workspace with a subset of the tables.

In casestudio, this was easy, select the tables, and it propagated over, INCLUDING relationships.

In toad, however, i have to find and select the relationships, in my case from a long list with names, without really seeing which relationship is between which tables…

Is there no better way to do this?

Hello Mathias,

Here I’m with some tips.

  1. Select the tables as you are used to doing it in CS2. Right-click any table and select:
  • Add into Workspace - and select to which one.
  • Add into New WS - a new WS will be created.

Shortcuts of entities will be added to the WS, including the relationships that connect them.

  1. Another way is: right-click the WS where you like to add the objects and select:
  • Complete from Model. - in the Model Complete dialog, disable the Shapes button and you will see only relationships. Now you need to go through the list and select them. (Unfortunately, SHIFT or CTRL for multiple selection is not available. CR # 39 517.)
    Anyway, you can see which entities are connected with which relationship. See the details e.g.:
    Relationship1 - Object1=Entity1, Object2=Entity2

Well, if you have many relationships, it must be pretty tiring… I know this is not the best solution, however we will deal with this task trying to find some more comfortable way. CR # 39 523

  • Complete All from Model. However, now you will have to remove the extra shortcuts (in WS or via Model Explorer).

If you like you can watch a flash movie on creating shortcuts etc. at:

Just a note: This movie is for old Beta and there’s one change in the new TDM3 version. - Shortcuts of objects are removed SHIFT+ Del now (used to be CTRL+Del in the past).

See also Help file | Modeling | Model Objects | Shortcuts of Objects.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write me back. Thanks.



Hi, thanks for you reply.

OK, regarding your 2 points:

  1. OK… does that mean i have to graphically click on each table in the workspace with the mouse to be able to “add into workspace”? I can’t find any other way to select a set of tables in a workspace. I have 100+ tables, so that would also be pretty cumbersome to locate all tables and select them via shift+click…

  2. That’s what i was talking about, in casestudio, you’d just ‘import’ the tables into a workspace and the relations etc. were included. Too bad that feature isn’t there anymore.


You can make multiple selection of tables in Model Explorer, press CTRL+SHIFT and drag them to WS. If you click Autolayout, the shortcuts of objects will re-arrange, nevertheless, without relationships. :frowning:

We will work on this.

  1. That's what i was talking about, in casestudio, you'd just 'import' the tables into a workspace and the relations etc. were included. Too bad that feature isn't there anymore.

In CS2, you went through a list of entities and selected them. Relationships were included.
In TDM3, shapes and links are separated. My current advice is to go through list of relationships (links). Entities will be added then.

As I wrote, we will deal with it to make it more comfortable.

Thanks for your patience.