Auto-adding relationships to new workspace

If I create a new workspace add drag over two tables with a parent/child fk relationship how do I get it to auto-pull over the relationships?

TDM 3.6



Hi Jack,

I am not sure what you tried to do (there are various ways how to add objects to new workspace). If you select objects on your existing workspace and right click any of them, there is option Add into New Workspace. This way you can select entities as well as relationsihps.

Also, you can enable or disable automatic selection of relationships. Click Objects | Select Links Automatically and then try to select multiple entities. When this option is enable, relationships will be selected automatically, otherwise only entities will be selected.

If you already have a workspace and wish to add there relationships, do the following:
Right click any area on your new workspace and select item Add Selected Objects to Workspace from the popup menu. New dialog opens. Click the last icon on toolbar that will show only Links and then check checkboxes next to relationship names you wish to display.

Note: If you right click any entity, you will see options Fill Parent Objects, Fill Child Objects and Fill Parent and Child Objects. Guess what each of the options does :slight_smile: I think you may find them useful.




Thanks that helps.

Basically I have a huge unmangeable single workspace after doing a reverse engineer so I’m trying to organize after the fact.

I was actually dragging the entities from the Model Explorer. I didn’t realize I could “push” a selected range of objects from one workspace to another. That is probably what I’ll do next time.

I did find the Fill xxx objects shortly after posting. Only problem was it brought a lot of extra baggage although it is easier to delete than add.

Thanks again