automatically restart a job if it fails

within toad intelligence central is there a way to restart a job a certain number of times if it throws an error? If so, is there a tutorial or video already avaiable I can watch that would show how to do this?

Not that I’m aware of, neither at the Toad Intelligence Central level, nor as a setting inside of the automation script itself.

However, I can see this being useful in certain circumstances. Can you please define this as an enhancement request in our idea pond?
Would be good to clearly articulate your need, including an example use case or two to support its justification.

We do not have a feature that restarts whole automation script if there is an error. However, we have starting adding ‘retries’ on some activities that might be related to network delays. IE: FTP and Copy file now have an option to try again N number of times if it fails at first.

What is the type of error that you get where you want to retry?

Also, you can code a while loop in an automation script to retry until you get the result you expect.