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Automating a bunch of scripts


I have Toad for Oracle and, in the "Automation Designer", have created a bunch of Export Dataset (sql snipplets) that I run every day to check on various interfaces and transaction state. All of these dataset are set to export to "Excel Instance", each in a separate pre-named sheet.

Up until now, I have been perfectly happy whit this but I will be travelling a bit more now and wanted to switch from the "Excel Instance" to an "Excel File" and email that file to me (my desktop is running Toad, I'll be travelling with my laptop). To my surprise, multi-sheet excel export doesn't seem to be supported so I have been looking for a way to do this.

My research tends to point towards using "Toad for Data Analyst" as it seems to support this feature but I haven't found a way to import "Toad for Oracle"'s "Automation Designer" scripts into "Toad for Data Analyst".

So I am turning to the community for help: is there a way in Toad for Oracle to export multiple datasets into a single Excel file? Otherwise, is there a way to migrate those datasets into Toad for Data Analyst?