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Batch to export SQL script output to excelt flat file

Hi dear member,

Does it possible to create a windows command to export data set of SQL query to Excell file in Toad for Oracle Basi Edition?

Kind regards

Leszek B.

Yes. Look in Toad’s Automation Designer. We have an “Export Dataset” action that can export to a variety of formats, including Excel. Once you have created an action there, you can run it from command line. To read about that, go to help. Under search, type in “Command line”. There is an entry in there called “Execute actions from the command line” that should help. Read that, and if you still have specific questions, post them here and we’ll help you.

Hi John,

I checked your advices and they works. Thank you very much for your help.

Hi John,

I thank you very much for your help that is useful for me.

Hi Leszek,

You’re welcome.