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Automation - Append to same sheet

Hello all,

I've created Automation Scripts in Toad Data Point 64-bit, and want to append different SQL file results into one Excel file, on the same sheet. Problem is, "Append Rows" in "Export options" is not selectable. I do have "Overwrite" checked/enabled- should this be enabled or not? Again, i'm trying to export the results from multiple SQL files in the automation script to be exported into a single excel file, in the same sheet. Currently, different files are being created, I think because overwrite is enabled, with date and time stamp. Thanks in advance!

Most of the customers I talk to regarding similar use cases want to have each query result in a different tab in the Excel Workbook file... do-able in TDP... haven't tried to append multiple results in the same worksheet... is that what you're trying to do?

Yes that's correct, trying to append it into the same workbook and sheet. Otherwise, I'm currently having to compile 36 different sheets into 1 sheet, manually.

Hi - this is do-able in Toad Data Point. To do this you need the first export (the one that creates the excel workbook) to have the overwrite check. Unless you alter this one the system will put the data in the tab (which you can name) starting in Column A and Row 1. To add data to the same workbook you will need to identify where in the workbook you want to start adding the data. You so this in the 'Start the export at:' area at the bottom of the settings. I will try to do a short video to show how to do this and post here

Here is a link to a short video that shows how to export to the same sheet within an Excel Workbook

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You are amazing, thank you so much!

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