Automation Copy File-Needs Authentication Credentials?

I have an automation file that goes to another server (with it's own username/password) and copies a file back to my PC. Once this is done, it formats and filters the data to load into a SQL server table.
The Automation COPY FILE function does not have anywhere to add the credentials for this so I am getting a series of errors:
--Could not file file \OtherServer\log\Tugman_raw
--File not available at runtime. The location and user authentication may be different at runtime.

How do I include the user authentication in my automation file.

Couple of thoughts here...

  • Can the file can be placed in a location that is reachable by TDP? (e.g. network shared drive)
    This might be the easiest alternative, and then simply use one of TDP's flat file connectors (e.g. CSV) to connect to it by file/folder location
  • Can the file be copied to an FTP server, and then your Automation script can use the FTP task to grab the file?
  • Might have to use the "Run Program" task in your automation to execute the logic to connect to the other system, retrieve the file, and copy it over to somewhere reachable by TDP