Where to enter credentials to copy file from network folder

I want to copy a file from a network directory but need to enter a different user account credentials. where do I enter the username/pw for the automated file copy function?


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Unfortunately we don't support copying network files.
Possible workaround could be to map the network location where the file is located through windows batch script that you can run with 'Run Program' activity in Automation Script.

@echo off
net use Z: \<foldername> /USER:<username>

After 'Copy File' step you can call a second batch script that would unmap the network folder.

@echo off
net use Z: /delete

Main problem with this approach is that you would need to store credentials for the network share in plain text format.
Since batch scripts cannot be embedded in AutomationScript, if Toad Intelligence Central is installed on a different machine than where you create the Automation Script, you need to copy these batch files to that machine on the same location as set in Automation Script file.

Another solution would be to map this folder permanently through Windows Explorer

I just performed a test using the "Copy File" widget within an automation. I tested from Toad Data Point, then I published and tested from TIC. Provided that permissions are applied correctly to the user in question, I'm not seeing any limitation with copying files from one network location to another.

To the question about changing the user...

For tasks that require Windows authentication, I think you're stuck with the username that you publish under. That value appears to override all other credentials - even SQL Server Database Connection credentials. If you are forced to use different credentials for the file copy vs other steps of the automation, I think you'll have to publish multiple automations.